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Facial Yoga is a traditional art in Asia, more particularly in Japan and China where it is practiced diligently to resolve conflicts between body and mind that the tensions of the day, professional and moral obligations, can generate. , with the aim of uniting them.

Holistic presentation of facial yoga

Facial Yoga stems from Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga.

It condenses two complementary disciplines, for total and immediate well-being: Gentle physical work: muscle toning, self-massage to raise the body, lymphatic drainage to boost your immune system... Mental work: Discovery of the points meridians and energy, acupressure, acupuncture, alternating deep breathing exercises, to establish relaxation throughout the body and soul.

Through simple exercises, it allows you to re-sculpt your face, in order to improve recurring problems such as old age, caused by gravity, advancing age, the use of bad cosmetics, poor hydration of the body... Facial Gymnastics works in depth the muscular fiber of the face, giving lasting results, unlike botox injections, requiring the insertion of a foreign body under the skin, or even overpriced anti-aging creams which only hydrate the upper layers of the epidermis.

With the combined practice of facial gymnastics and self-massage, say goodbye to complexes! In just fifteen minutes a day, daily for correction and four days a week for prevention, find a young, healthy-looking face!


You will be able to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, the result of a lack of collagen production by the epidermis, causing your skin to lose its elasticity, reduce the double chin , which is often just an accumulation of lymphs. in the lymph nodes, causing congestion that you will learn to clear. Ptosis, expression lines such as bitterness or smile lines, called nasolabial folds, are also disappearing thanks to the diligent practice of Facial Yoga.

Facial yoga: a natural health and well-being effect

The days are stressful, tensions build up at work and personally... It's time to take some time for yourself! We recommend integrating the practice of facial gymnastics into your morning and/or evening beauty rituals, when applying your cosmetics, preferably natural and organic.

Every day, take a moment of break to practice facial gymnastics and correct your problems using muscle toning of the fifty facial muscles and very gentle and caring self-massages for your skin.

Likewise, thanks to lymphatic drainage, often forgotten and yet essential to the immune system, you will re-integrate lymphatic circulation, therefore hydration, throughout your skin, while avoiding accumulations of lymph in the lymph nodes, causing congestion such as as bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Blood circulation will also be reactivated, for calmer skin, erasing age and sun spots, reabsorbing rosacea which is ultimately just non-evacuated blood vessels...

Facial Yoga will effectively boost your self-esteem and your immune system, which is not a luxury in this period of health crisis!