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Japanese art has always been a great source of inspiration for designers around the world and has greatly influenced our Western decorations over the years. Drawing inspiration mainly from nature, Japanese decoration has found a perfect balance between a refined style and an orderly layout.

But when you want to decorate, dress or arrange a room it is often difficult to know where to start. It must be said that between paintings, vases, lanterns, norens and much more, there is no shortage of choice. This is why we will try to give you the best decoration advice to make your home a true Japanese haven of peace.

1. Establish the mood you want to bring out.

To create a Zen atmosphere in a house, it is important to start by differentiating the rooms that make it up. It has in fact been scientifically proven that interior decoration has effects on our daily mood and arouses different emotions. Therefore the decoration will not be the same if it is a bedroom, a living room, an office, a bathroom or any living room.

While a bedroom which is a rather personal place will aim to be calm and relaxing, a kitchen or a living room which are rooms in which we will have lunch, dinner or invite friends frequently should preferably be friendly and warm. To master these atmospheres that the decorative pieces of a room bring out, it is interesting to look at the study of colors. Although the feelings of the latter are quite personal, there are some general points to know that will help you avoid making a mistake.

Red, for example, is known for being a warm color, but also for promoting productivity. Conversely, blue will promote creativity and originality and a green chromatic ambiance will be perfect for reading. As a result, we clearly see that in addition to their shape and nature, it is the color of the decorations that will play a key role in the success of your interior decoration.

2. Adapt decorative pieces to your personal layout.

Once you know what room you want to decorate and what atmosphere you want it to give off, it is time to look at the objects that will furnish it so that it is in keeping with the Zen spirit of Japanese decoration.

Several choices are then available to you but the most common are vases, paintings/prints, lanterns, lamps and norens (traditional Japanese curtain). To make your choice, start by thinking about the layout already present in your room. Where do you have space? Do you have a wall that seems a little too empty? Do you have a spare shelf or piece of furniture on which you have not optimized the space? List the points of contact on which you could put decorations, then agree on the type of decoration you want to place there.

Would an ikebana vase that highlights Japanese floral art be right for you? Or rather a painting of a samurai or a geisha? This will depend 90% on your personal taste and we cannot make this choice for you. All we can advise you is to think carefully before making your choice and take the time to imagine yourself with this decoration in your home.

3. Make your home a true Japanese haven of peace.

Ultimately what will make a house a true place of conviviality and well-being is the harmony that will be created between its different living rooms. This is why Japanese decoration is so famous. It is one of the only ones to truly succeed in combining functionality with aesthetics and reliability with comfort. More than an art of daily living, it is a real way of thinking about space and designing the house.

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