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If you have an interest in Japanese culture and want to make it one of the components of your interior decoration, you are probably in the right place. Although paintings are not the only choice available to you, it is true that they nevertheless have certain considerable advantages in making your home or workplace a warm and relaxing living space.

Presentation of Japanese paintings

Unlike Japanese prints which originate from the Edo period (1600-1868), Japanese paintings are much more recent, modern and varied. While prints remained limited in terms of colors and graphic freedoms due to technical constraints and the artistic demands of the ancient Japanese people. Japanese paintings introduce all kinds of designs and graphic styles that highlight all facets of Japanese culture.

This makes it possible to satisfy a wider audience who often have very heterogeneous tastes. We therefore find in today's Japanese paintings representations of geishas or Buddhas to introduce a rather Zen atmosphere into a room, as well as samurai which recall the feudal era of Japan. But also and above all much more atypical paintings which differ either by their shape such as five-piece or hanging paintings, or others which stand out with their modern or kawaii style to name just a few examples.

How to choose your Japanese painting?

We have already mentioned this during the presentation of the “Japanese decoration” collection but it is not too often to repeat it. To choose a painting, or indeed any decorative piece, you must first think about the atmosphere you want to impose in your home or in the room concerned. It will not be the same depending on the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom but it will especially differ depending on your tastes and your personality. Do you prefer to experience a zen and relaxing atmosphere on a daily basis, or are you a fan of a modern and refined style?

Either way, take the time to determine the best Japanese painting that will bring Japan as you see it into your home.

Our vision of the Japanese painting

Here at Au coeur du Japon we tend to offer you the widest possible range of Japanese paintings so that it is relatively simple to combine your personal tastes with decorative pieces. So you will find all kinds of representations of various colors such as geishas, ​​samurai, landscapes, flowers and many others.

However, we do not provide frames with the canvases that we sell because we are quite convinced that the frame, in addition to the painting, is a decorative piece in its own right and that therefore it also depends on the personal tastes of each person. Especially since the color, material and margin of a frame strongly influence its centerpiece which is the canvas and it would not always suit the room in which it is intended to be presented. Our prints, on the other hand, are called “canvas”, a printing quality recognized worldwide which allows the canvases and their design to be best enhanced.

Some reasons to install a Japanese painting at home

For those who are wondering what is the point of hanging a Japanese wall decoration in their home, we suggest you review them to see what is special about them compared to classic paintings. Firstly, if Japanese paintings differ quite clearly from mainstream canvases, it is above all because the drawings, landscapes and various representations that can be found on them are associated with Japanese culture which carries a great a number of value and a heavy history. Consequently, installing a Japanese painting in a room is not just placing a figurative decorative object solely intended to look pretty. It means establishing an atmosphere, patterns, a style or even very precious values ​​in view of this ancestral culture.

For example, when we install a painting representing Bushido, the code of honor of the samurai, in a house, beyond putting Japanese symbols on display it is a question of paying homage and honoring righteousness. which the samurai had made for their priesthood. Allowing you in turn to draw inspiration from it on a daily basis when you pass by.

How to highlight a Japanese painting?

In order to pay homage in the best way to the Japanese culture represented on Japanese paintings, it is important to successfully highlight them in the room in which they are exhibited. To do this, it is important to start choosing the room in which you want to hang it so as not to have to arrange and make space in an entire place. Make sure that the room receives a source of light, natural if possible, that is substantial enough to bring out its colors as best as possible. If this is not possible given your interior design, a lamp or light fixture will do the trick as long as the picture remains bright enough. In general, a living room, bedroom or even a kitchen will usually do the trick. Secondly, to choose the wall which will be intended to accommodate the Japanese painting, make sure that it has enough space to be able to leave some all around the painting. Without it he will not be able to breathe and will appear to be crushed by the wall or furniture next to it. Finally, choose a frame suitable for your wallpaper and your curtains in the case of one-piece Japanese paintings in order to give contrast to the canvas and make it stand out in relation to the wall on which it is displayed.

After that, you will need to have something to decorate your bedroom or your dining room with the image of the Land of the Rising Sun. Succeeding in bringing a cozy and warm atmosphere to a room often comes down to just one decorative accessory or a few decorations that suit you in order to make you feel comfortable there. This is why we wanted to give you some decorating ideas based on these Japanese paintings which, just like a Japanese garden, are calming when you are nearby. In addition, decorative objects from Japanese culture are perfect for creating a calm decorative place intended for meditative or spiritual practices.

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