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Tea is a drink with multiple properties as well as antioxidant benefits and it is no coincidence that it is often associated with Japan. For several hundred years this drink has been cultivated there by tea masters and Buddhist monks. Now considered a true ancestral tradition through the tea ceremony, tea can almost be seen as a sacred drink in the land of the rising Sun. Now completely democratized in the rest of the world, particularly for its varied and delicious tastes, it did not take much time for us Europeans to also adopt the infusion of this drink in our daily lives. However, although its consumption is very widespread, its maintenance is much less so. It is true that a false rumor is circulating testifying to the imperishable nature of tea, but unfortunately it would be a lie to proclaim its veracity. Tea does indeed deteriorate if it is not stored properly and here we will see the essential things to know in order to fully preserve its aromas and flavors using a tea box.

Origin of tea

Just before reviewing the different crucial elements that you will need to pay attention to in order to properly store your tea, it is interesting to take a minute to understand how tea is more than just a taste drink as can be be a good fruit juice or soda. Its culture being more than a millennium old, it is a drink with a fragrant taste which over the years has become totally integrated into Japanese customs. Over the centuries, farmers have developed cultivation techniques unique in the world which are still at the origin of green tea, black tea as well as the most prestigious teas of our era such as matcha or sencha. Having passed on this know-how from generation to generation, making this culture something ancestral, coupled with the arrival of the tea ceremony, tea has become, in Japan at least, a truly luxurious and prestigious drink. This is why those who know how to appreciate it will understand that they deserve to be treated as such in order to be able to fully enjoy the moment of freshness that it has to offer us. Against the tide of mass consumption from which tea has not escaped, we suggest that you restore this drink to the grandeur it possesses by listing point by point what you will have to be wary of in order to preserve it in the best possible way. manner.

The importance of storing your tea in a tea box

As seen previously, it is common to hear that tea is something that does not last long. However, this statement is only half true since it is necessary to protect it from several factors in order to preserve it properly. Here are the three biggest enemies of tea when storing it at home:

  • The smells
  • Mold
  • Oxidation

To protect yourself from odors, simply do not store your tea near odorous foods that you have and which give off strong scents such as chocolate. Indeed, tea has the ability to absorb surrounding odors, so if you have the misfortune of keeping it in the open air in the kitchen and cooking or cleaning a dish that has a strong odor, it won't be long before your tea is infused with all its flavors and smells. Naturally you will encounter these smells when you taste your tea and this is not something that is desirable if you want to enjoy a tasty tea. To avoid this, start by isolating your grams of tea in an airtight tea box which cuts it off from the rest of the room so that no odors penetrate. Secondly, take a second precaution by keeping your tea caddy and the tea it contains away from the kitchen or at least put it away from hotplates and odorous foods.

Secondly, to properly preserve the flavors of your tea you will need to avoid any mold that could appear. Mold is something that comes if tea is exposed to damp areas. Avoid storing tea near taps and in the bathroom. Choose a place at room temperature such as the garage which will keep your tea away from humidity, provided of course that it is well insulated. Naturally, this does not exempt you from keeping it in a tea box, preferably always airtight if you do not want to miss any of its magnificence during tasting.

Finally, in order to protect your tea from any oxidation, you will need to keep it away from light sources. This is also why we recommend the garage as a storage room just before because the latter rarely has the light open. Also be careful not to store your tea in the open air or in the original bags in which it was sold to you because in this case they will be strongly exposed to light and the tea will not take long to oxidize. . Finally, if you take all these precautions by taking care to store your tea in a suitable tea box, you can easily keep your tea for two years.

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