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Japanese masks

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Japanese masks are an integral part of Japanese culture and their forms have been seen to evolve over centuries. Sometimes taking human forms, other times animal forms and sometimes even fantastic and folkloric forms, masks have always had a certain aura in the land of the rising Sun.

The very first Japanese masks were originally used for dances, then their use subsequently diversified since in the 14th century they were adopted by Japanese noh and kyôgen theater. We even find them today in pop culture like in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask or in Spirited Away with the Faceless Man.

Japanese masks, a disguise like no other

Beyond a simple ceremonial object, masks are a real form of art in Japan. They come in several versions which each have a different interest. While some masks are intended to be worn, like that of a human or a Hannya demon during a noh theater or during a traveling show for example. Others are just decorative objects that have been carved, mostly in wood, and are intended to be hung to be admired as is.

Japanese masks and demons

Japanese masks and demons have always been closely linked to Japan. Indeed, when we take the time to look at the demons of Japanese mythology we realize that the majority of them are equipped with masks. For example, the Tengu, who is considered a Shinto demigod, wears a red mask with a very long nose. It is also his mask which is the origin of his creation. There is also the demon Hannya who also wears a mask and who has often been represented in Noh theater.

The ideal Japanese masks for a cosplay or a fancy dress party

Given that Japan is the country of cosplay, it was obvious that it offers a fairly wide choice in terms of masks and disguises. Here you will find what you need for a dance ball with more formal masks like that of the rabbit or the cat. But you will also find something to embody the demons that we talked about above such as the Oni, the Tengu or the Hannya for a more marked disguise and naturally more intended for themed events or cosplays. 👺

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