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Japanese tea art

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Tea and Japan have a very intimate relationship that dates back over a thousand years. As we explained in Origin and evolution of tea in Japan (from 729 to the present day) , although this drink was imported from China, Japan was able to appropriate it on its territory and develop it there according to its needs. own morals. Over the centuries he built his tea houses and inaugurated the tea ceremony, consumed his tea in his own handmade bowls and made this drink an integral part of his own culture.

The many virtues of tea

Before being consumed for its flavors and as a “pleasure” drink, tea was first a drink that was considered by monks and samurai as a medicine. The first popular Japanese book that talks about tea is called “staying healthy by drinking green tea”.

However, among green teas, matcha tea stands out the most from its counterparts in terms of medicinal properties. Let's see together what good it can really do for our health.

Containing 137 times more catechin than other green teas and equipped with essential oils, tannins, phenolic compounds and enzymes, matcha tea has many virtues. It helps strengthen the immune system, fights cholesterol and also prevents inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, but also cancer. It is also said to help fight against skin aging and is therefore a very good anti-aging ally.

However, its benefits are not limited to those listed above since it promotes concentration and memorization. Therefore, we can imagine that matcha tea is not limited to preventive use against diseases and aging, but that it can be used in much broader contexts.

In the case of memorization, we can quite easily imagine a student using matcha tea to help them learn either key dates, a specific history or even a technique specific to their sector of activity. The same goes for concentration. We now know that staying focused is something very difficult when social networks and intrusive advertisements intrude into our living space every day. It is therefore complicated to remain 100% focused on a task, but we now know that with practices such as meditation it is possible to increase concentration and it would therefore be a shame to deprive yourself of one of these "techniques". » what is the consumption of matcha tea, for those who need it of course.

But be careful, even if matcha tea has many benefits, you should not fall into excess and overconsumption. Drinking too much would be synonymous with an overdose of vitamin A, C and E. Therefore, avoid drinking it every day and favor an alternating schedule of 2 to 3 days for heavy consumers. 🍵

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