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Do you want to learn Japanese, but due to lack of time, you cannot go to a specialized teaching center? Don't worry because today there are several mobile applications that you can download and install on your Smartphone to learn the Japanese language. Follow the leader.

What are the best apps for learning Japanese?

Don't bother attending boring classes to learn Japanese anymore. The evolution of technologies has enabled the design of new methods of language initiation. Applications have been developed for enthusiasts of the Japanese language and culture . In addition to being free, they effectively replace learning manuals which can tire your eyes and brain. Your smartphone or tablet is more than enough to master Japanese with these five applications. Furthermore, if you want to broaden your linguistic knowledge, this review on Babbel for other languages ​​will undoubtedly direct you towards the best methods of learning and assimilation.


No. 1: JA Sensei

You can't dream of a better application to introduce you to the Japanese language via your mobile . JA Sensei offers you a rich vocabulary and complete learning in kanji and kana. The letters of the Japanese alphabet will no longer hold any secrets for you. In addition to the introduction to writing, this application also helps with speaking. The modules are particularly detailed, so as to simplify the assimilation of this oriental language. There are 34 Japanese courses in total. This course gives you the opportunity to master Japanese grammar, but also a good part of the culture of the land of the rising sun. The application's dictionary includes 2,500 words. There is something to enrich your language.

Busuu in second place

This application is known for simplifying the introduction to different languages . Its formulas are available in two versions: the first is completely free and sufficient to learn Japanese and the second, called Premium, consists of a specialization. Around fifty lessons are available there. To experience language in all its forms, interactive dialogues are available through Busuu. This application is recommended for all learners, regardless of their level.

Obenkyo in third position

Designed in France, this application helps you master Japanese thanks to its varied learning methods. It can also be used to prepare candidates for a JLPT Japanese test. There is nothing like it for reviewing kanji, hiragana and katakana . The exercises consist of identifying the character corresponding to each letter of the alphabet. In addition, this application teaches you to write better in Japanese stroke by stroke. In terms of speaking, exercises have been designed to better help learners express themselves more fluently and clearly. Before leaving for Japan, master the Japanese accent with Obenkyo.

Kanji Recognizer/JEDict Lite: the fourth application

Kanji Recognizer is suitable for devices with an Android system, while JEDict Lite is suitable for iOs mobiles. These two applications are used in particular to better recognize and master kanji . Preferably, use them in parallel with one of the applications mentioned to supplement your oral and written learning. Their operation consists of reproducing kanji and translating these characters into English. This system facilitates introduction to the Japanese language and reinforces memorization of the Japanese alphabet.

Application for Japanese: JED/Imiwa in 5th place

Being in fifth position in our ranking, JED/Imiwa is not far behind other Japanese learning applications. These two apps are suitable for Android and iOs devices respectively. They teach kanji and improve Japanese pronunciation using numerous exercises. Thanks to their quick translation, it is easier to assimilate each word. JED/Imiwa is more suitable for people with some knowledge of Japanese. These apps improve understanding of the Japanese language. In addition, they break down the kanji line by line to make them easier to remember. They can also be used in addition to previous applications. An ideal combination that will help you specialize in Japanese in record time.