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Some typical dishes characterizing Japanese cuisine

In Japan, cooking is a separate art. It is a reflection of its history and culture. It comes from ancestral know-how that is passed down from generation to generation. Japanese cuisine is known for its great variety. It is also one of the richest in the world. However, when we talk about Japanese gastronomy, we tend to only mention the famous sushi, makis, etc. Certainly, these are the most emblematic dishes of the country. But if we venture behind the scenes of Japanese cuisine, we can quickly see that this country hides culinary treasures of incredible diversity.

Tempura: a great classic of Japanese cuisine

Today, Japan is one of the most popular destinations in the world. This country has a lot to offer, especially from a cultural point of view. If you plan to venture to Japan with or other agencies, don't miss out on discovering its tableware. Among the essentials, there is Tempura. It is a typical Japanese dish which owes its origin to the Portuguese who came to the country in the 16th century .

Tempura is a fried dish usually made from vegetables and seafood. The ingredients are cut into pieces and then rolled in a batter made of flour, eggs and ice water. This is a particularly delicious dish that you absolutely must enjoy on site. In Japan, you can find tempura restaurants more easily.

Okonomiyaki: a particularly tasty omelette

At first glance, Okonomiyaki looks like pancakes or pizza. But, it is a typically Japanese dish. It is an omelette prepared from different ingredients. There are several varieties of this dish. The ingredients and the way of preparing it differ from one region to another. Okonomiyaki is very famous in the western part of the country, especially in Hiroshima and Osaka.

Japanese dish

The word Okonomiyaki means “what you want to grill” in Japan . Needless to say, this dish is prepared using different ingredients. Of course, it is cooked with an egg base since it is an omelette. Many ingredients enhance the taste such as finely grated vegetables, slices of pork, shrimp, octopus... cooked on a hot plate. Everything is drizzled with a particularly creamy sauce. Don't miss out on tasting this dish during your trip to Japan.

Gyozas: one of the best Japanese recipes

It's impossible not to mention Gyozas when venturing behind the scenes of Japanese cuisine! This dish owes its origin to China. Today, it is one of the most popular traditional Japanese dishes. It is a variation of Chinese Dim Sum. Gyozas are half-moon shaped ravioli. This dish is also characterized by the large quantity of ingredients used during preparation.

Gyozas are most of the time served fried. But, it is not equally uncommon to find fried or boiled versions. Gyozas are often cooked from vegetables, shrimp, minced pork, aromatic herbs, etc. Everything is rolled in wheat dough. This is truly a delicious dish to enjoy in Japan. Kyoto has one of the best Gyoza recipes.

Udon: one of the most popular noodles in the country

We forget the Miso soup a little! Here we invite you to taste Udon, another type of Japanese noodle. Udon is characterized by the pasta used during preparation. This dish is cooked from soft, thick dough made from wheat flour. It is eaten hot or cold with a particularly delicious sauce in which the noodles are dipped. Other ingredients enhance the taste such as shrimp, chicken meat, etc.


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