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The fundamentals of Feng Shui decoration for your bedroom


Feng Shui comes from Asia, more precisely from China. It is a concept suitable for those looking to improve their living environment. Offering a calming and zen atmosphere, it is known to help resolve the difficulties people encounter in their daily lives. On this, we will help you better understand Feng Shui. This so that you can apply it in your bedroom.

Feng shui: What exactly is this concept?

This is a popular ancestral Chinese practice, allowing you to offer Zen interior decoration. Moreover, Asian countries are renowned for their know-how in matters of well-being and interior design. However, its application must be carried out in compliance with certain rules. This mainly concerns the decoration in general and the essential elements in a bedroom: the choice of wall color, the arrangement of the bed as well as the mattress, the height of the bedding, the box spring, etc.

This technique combines belief and tradition at the same time. Its objective is to establish fluid circulation, so that energies can flow harmoniously. It is also said that the practice of Feng Shui increases the chances of success in several areas. This method is based on very specific interior design rules.

What is the principle of Feng Shui?

The goal of Feng Shui is to create a harmonious environment, where Ch'i (vital energy) can flow freely. But this circulation of energy is only possible when all the complementary fundamental elements are taken into account: the earthly directions, the 5 elements and especially Yin and Yang. These are represented in our rooms by colors, shapes and materials.

The positioning of the room must imperatively respect a balance and harmony between the forces of Yin and Yang. You should also avoid putting plants, using certain colors, and even certain materials.

Feng Shui decoration: how does it work?

If you want to opt for Feng Shui decoration, you must take certain rules into account:

1. Finding the right bed location and color choice.

From a Feng Shui point of view, the bedroom should generally face north, northwest or west. You must also take into account some selection criteria concerning the color to apply: it must be relaxing and soft, thus allowing you to highlight the Feng Shui side. Regarding the bed, prefer one that has a height of more than 20 cm from the ground. This allows the Ch'i to flow freely. However, you must make the right choice of mattress and opt for the one that is ideal for your bedding. Ikea mattresses offer a wide range of sleeping options ideal for the whole family.

2. Think about storage.

You should also remember to properly store all your personal items in the room, such as clothes. The ideal is to place them in a dressing room or a cupboard out of the way. Concerning the design of the furniture, the choice of simplicity is to be encouraged.

3. What about the mirror and mirrors?

It is better to choose wall-mounted lamps or lights rather than those placed on the ceiling. If you're considering mounting mirrors, place them in a location that won't reflect your bed. This is to avoid insomnia.

Avoid installing electronic devices (television, stereo, computer, etc.) in your room. But if you want to put them on, find a solution to hide them (when you are not using them), for example: under a fabric. Asian beliefs also believe that adding an aquarium or plants to the bedroom does not bring anything positive. By opting for Feng Shui, you must ban these decorative elements from the room.