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For a very long time now, mangas have occupied a prominent place in Japanese culture. But they have also become known beyond the archipelago since its opening to the outside world following the Meiji Restoration in 1868. Today there are many countries which have adopted manga in their bookstores and France is also ranks as the second largest manga consumer country in the world, behind Japan. The mangas we know today are the evolved form of emakimono which were scrolls in which we found narrative stories calligraphed with paints, as the scroll was unrolled the story unfolded. Today there are many different types classified by genre. We find in particular the shôjo (manga for girls), the hentai (manga for adults) but especially the shônen which are action mangas in which we often witness the evolution and the rise of a young hero in a universe fantastic. It is these mangas that we are going to talk about today through five of the greatest successes in the history of manga.

One Piece

one piece

With his first volume published in shonen jump on July 22, 1997, the author of One Piece Eiichiro Oda continues to immerse us in the world of piracy alongside Luffy and his companions.

Setting out early on an adventure to become the lord of pirates, a title awarded to the one who discovers the famous One Piece, Luffy is an ambitious boy to say the least who will surround himself with precious allies as the adventure progresses. Among these we find of course Roronoa Zoro, the swordsman who aspires to become the greatest swordsman in the world and thus defeat his rival Dracule Mihawk. But we also find on their boat called Sunny amazing characters such as Brook the skeleton, Chopper the reindeer, Francky the Cyborg and many others.

On the way to Raftel, the island on which the famous One Piece treasure rests, Luffy's crew takes us on an exciting adventure full of fights that will delight the most shonen fans among you. Besides, if you are interested in shonens and mangas in general, you will find on Wallpapers Mangas many very nice posters to put as wallpaper on your phone or your PC, don't hesitate to go and have a look. round !



When we associate feudal Japan with warriors we immediately tend to think of samurai. However, they were not the only ones to master the art of combat. The ninjas were also just as formidable, especially during night fights where they excelled.

It is therefore into a world of ninjas that Masashi Kishimoto plunges us here through the evolution of a young boy named Naruto who aspires to become hokage, ninja master, of his native village of Konoha. Naruto, however, turns out to be different from his ninja apprentice peers because when he was young his father locked the most powerful demon within him, the nine-tailed demon fox. As his physical and mental evolution progresses, he will gradually learn to tame this monster within him and to gain power in order to achieve his dream.

Surely one of the most famous and popular mangas in the world of shonen, Naruto is a must-have for all Japanese anime fans looking for adventure and combat.

Hunter x Hunter


A little less known but no less good for all that, Hunter x Hunter is a manga by Yoshihiro Togashi which is more than 20 years old since its first publication in the weekly shonen jump dates from March 1998.

Here we witness the deep desire of a young boy named Gon who wants at all costs to meet his father Jin. He will quickly leave his whale island where he grew up and set out in search of a hunter's license in order to be closer to his father. To do this he will have to face numerous adversaries in a 251-story celestial tower but it is also here that he will meet his first friends. Among these we find in particular Killua, the descendant of an assassin family, but also Kurapika and Leorio.

Throughout the manga we witness Gon's quest who, through numerous adventures, becomes stronger and more powerful until he is able to find his father Jin. Exciting and very gripping Hunter x Hunter will be appreciated for its fights and its downright stylish characters, notably Killua, by all shonen fans.

Dragon Ball Z


Often abbreviated as DBZ, Dragon Ball Z is surely the best-known and most renowned shonen manga at the moment. It is also the oldest in our ranking since its first publication by its author Akira Toriyama dates from 1988.

In Dragon Ball Z we therefore witness the evolution of a young boy named Son Goku who has a monkey tail but also great physical strength. Brought out of his forest after the death of his grandfather. Son Goku will agree to help a woman named Bulma in order to support him in his quest to reunite the seven crystal balls, commonly called Dragon Ball. Once these are gathered, they allow you to invoke the dragon Shenron who, like a djinn, allows you to make a wish come true.

Throughout the story and through numerous arcs, Son Goku will become more and more powerful until he becomes the greatest master of martial arts. There is today a sequel to the original Dragon Ball Z manga which ended in 1995, the latter is called Dragon Ball Super and has been broadcast since 2015. For the biggest fans of the manga, do not hesitate to take a look at DBZ duvet covers from the Housse de Couette site to sleep with peace of mind.

Fairy Tail

fairy tail

Fairy Tail is the most recent manga on our list since its first publication by its author Hiro Mashima dates from 2006. Just like the others, following its success in manga format Fairy Tail was adapted into an anime.

Throughout the world of Fiore, normal citizens and mages live together in different guilds in order to better control their power. These same guilds are themselves under the control of the magic council. Although some mages abuse their power to the point of causing damage to the civilian side, the vast majority use their strength to carry out lucrative missions offered by their governing guild. Since volume one of Fairy Tail we have followed the adventures of one of these mages, Natsu Dragnir the fire dragon, as well as that of his guild companions, the members of Fairy Tail.

As in all good shonens we find in Fairy Tail fights full of testosterone, magic and raw power. Therefore, Fairy Tail will delight anyone who wants to combine magician warrior combat with good Japanese shonen.


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