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Japanese cuisine attracts many people all around the world. Whether based on rice, fish or even dried vegetables, Japanese cuisine advocates healthy and simple cooking with ingredients of high quality and incomparable freshness.

What is “Washoku”?

Washoku corresponds to Japanese culinary traditions. For example, it is an essential dish during the Japanese New Year. Washoku traditions are part of UNESCO's intangible heritage . To welcome the deities of the new year, the Japanese make typical dishes using fresh, quality ingredients, each with a symbolic meaning.

The practice of Washoku promotes the use of ingredients of natural origin, thus highlighting Japanese know-how and culinary art.


Ideas for Japanese dishes to cook at home

From traditional dishes to the most famous dishes, here are 10 ideas for Japanese dishes that we strongly recommend you try:

  1. Sushi
  2. Japanese Tempura
  3. Yakitori
  4. The Tsukemono
  5. Kaiseki cuisine
  6. The Udons
  7. The Soba
  8. Sukiyaki fondue
  9. Sashimi
  10. Miso soup

Japanese cuisine is for many good reasons one of the most popular cuisines in the world . You will inevitably find what you are looking for among the many ingredients and dishes that make it up.

Workshops to learn traditional Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine is very rich and Washoku invites you to pass on these gastronomic traditions. You have the possibility of accessing cooking workshops held by local associations allowing you in a few hours to learn from A to Z how to cook a typically Japanese dish such as the Japanese Okonomiyaki omelette, Makizushi (makis), Rāmen and much more!

To access a workshop, we advise you to contact a tourist guide in Japan .


Try recipes on the internet

Why not take advantage of the popularity of Japanese cuisine to find quality resources on the internet ? In addition to approximate recipes on various sites, you can go further by searching on specialized forums , learning culinary techniques on Youtube or training remotely on Japanese cuisine .

Loads of valuable resources and information are available for free on the internet allowing you to learn Japanese cuisine at your own pace.

Discover Japanese cuisine in restaurants

There is no shortage of Japanese restaurants, now you will have to find those that will inspire you and take you on a journey. You can first look at the reviews, but be careful, you should know that it is possible to buy Google reviews . Nothing beats the recommendation of a friend or Japanese chefs with an excellent reputation such as Kei Kobayashi in Paris, Fumio Kudaka in Cancale or Takao Takano in Lyon. It is in these restaurants that you will discover the complexity and precision of Japanese cuisine .

Focus on traditional cuisine initially to master the basic knowledge. You can then move on to more refined dishes to impress your guests .