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Visiting Japan is not just limited to exploring its different sites with unmissable landscapes. This destination is also famous for its gourmets offering a range of unexpected flavors. That said, each Japanese region adopts its own gastronomic specialties. There is something for all tastes and budgets.

The most chosen itineraries for a successful gastronomic trip to Japan

The success of a culinary trip to the land of the rising sun can depend entirely on the itinerary chosen with your tour operator. The latter indeed offers a wide choice of destinations which are full of gastronomic treasures for which the country is renowned. This expedition allows you to unleash your taste buds through every corner of the archipelago. For example, an escape to the largest island in the north of the country allows you to discover recipes with a rustic feel.

Indeed, cuisine in Hokkaido is the subject of several services that are both tasty and delicious. Among its must-haves, we can cite the famous Ishikari-nabe, a cabbage stew cooked with pieces of salmon, potatoes and nori seaweed. To taste a sweet and sour delight, a trip to Niigata on the island of Honshu is in order. Savoring a bowl of tare-katsu donburi, you understand why Japan is such an exceptional destination.

A gourmet journey through some emblematic cities of Japan

Tokyo is one of the most touristy cities in the land of the rising sun. It is not for nothing that it is of increasing interest to travelers from all over the world. They can in fact discover almost all of Japanese culture, new technologies, and of course, gastronomy on site. During a Marco Vasco Japan tour with friends, this city offers, for example, the privilege of tasting the best shushi in the country.


For this occasion, just go to the Tsukiji fish market to enjoy the morning specialties in small restaurants. For those who want to taste miso-katsu, a detour to Nagoya, in Chûbu, is recommended. This gastronomic specialty consists of a hearty dish based on breaded pork cutlets topped with miso sauce. For more sensations during this culinary journey, do not forget the Japanese Alps.

The unmissable addresses to try a Japanese gastronomic experience

To discover the side of Japanese cuisine, visiting certain places such as Kyoto, Takayama or Osaka is recommended. The dynamic city of Osaka is famous for its street food which completely covers Dotonbori Street. The most popular specialties there are called takoyaki and kushikatsu. Hiroshima is also one of the Japanese cities whose gastronomy can be enjoyed on the go. It is here that tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy okonomiyaki, a very fresh recipe prepared before the eyes of customers.

To finish this Japan tour, a stopover on the island of Kyûshu is not to be missed. In addition to its incredible landscapes and its natural wealth, it also has a range of gastronomic dishes that you absolutely must taste. Among the island's specialties is hiyajiru, a very refreshing cold fish soup. This is a specialty much appreciated by the locals.