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Japan is a fascinating country with its unique culture inherited from its island character and its long isolation during the Edo era. It would even be difficult to name a country more exotic than Japan, as this country is so different from ours. If you are planning your first trip to Japan, you will undoubtedly want to go to Tokyo, the Japanese capital and largest city in the world, so here is our guide to getting there.

Destination airports

To begin with, in order to get to Tokyo, you will have the choice between two main international airports. In reality, in most cases, you won't really have a choice, since your destination airport will also depend on the airports in which you make your stopover. Here are some clarifications on this subject.

Narita International Airport

Narita is Japan's busiest international airport and therefore the one where the most flights arrive and depart. You therefore have a chance of landing there during your stay in Tokyo. Despite everything, Narita airport is rather far from Tokyo, since it is located in Chiba prefecture a little further north. To reach Tokyo, it will take around 1h30 to travel. No worries, Japanese infrastructure is there to facilitate the connection with the Japanese capital.


Haneda International Airport

Haneda Airport may have a smaller volume than its competitor, Narita, but it remains the international airport of the largest city in the world. You will therefore not have trouble finding flights to this airport which has the big advantage of being located within Tokyo prefecture, so you can reach the city in less than 30 minutes by transport.

Flights from France to Tokyo

To get to Tokyo, it is relatively difficult to find a direct flight. Only Paris airports, Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly, will be able to offer you this. Note that you will have a much better chance of finding a direct flight at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. Regarding other French airports, none of them offer direct flights as you can see below.


Departure airport

Stopover / Direct flight

Travel time

Roissy CDG

Direct flight

11:45 a.m. (Haneda)


Direct flight

12:25 p.m. (Haneda)


1 stopover at Roissy CDG

2:25 p.m. (Narita)


1 stopover in Amsterdam

1:45 p.m. (Narita)


1 stopover in Munich

2:10 p.m. (Haneda)


1 stopover in Amsterdam

1:45 p.m. (Narita)


1 stopover in Amsterdam

1:50 p.m. (Narita)


1 stopover in Amsterdam

2:15 p.m.

For your flight to Tokyo, you can count on a journey of at least 12 hours in the best case. Indeed, the flights listed in this table are the fastest possible for each of these airports in terms of travel time. It is therefore likely that your flight will be longer, with 2 stopovers, especially if you are looking for the best prices.

Before leaving

A trip to Japan is a real adventure, as this country is so distant and culturally different. It is therefore important to anticipate all the preparations in advance, whether it be the logistics of reaching the airport, on-site visits or even the gifts you want to give to your loved ones.


Reserve your parking at the airport

If you plan to drive to the airport on your departure day, you will necessarily need parking near the terminals. Be careful, don't neglect this expense, because the cost of parking can seriously eat into your vacation budget. In addition, for a stay in such a distant country, you will certainly want to stay at least 2 weeks there or even more.

In this case, it is important to anticipate your parking reservation well to find the best price. In fact, the price of parking at the airport varies depending on traffic. If you have the opportunity, reserve your parking space during periods of low tourist activity, so you will have access to the best possible prices.

To save money, you can also turn to a private car park specializing in airport connections. They are therefore relatively close to the terminals and offer an included shuttle service or even valet parking. To give you an idea, private parking in Charles de Gaulle can cost up to two to three times less than official parking.

Learn a few words of Japanese

If you think that Japanese people speak English well, you are making a terrible mistake. Indeed, the Japanese are not big fans of foreign languages ​​and there are also relatively few foreigners in Japan compared to other developed countries.

To ensure that your stay goes as smoothly as possible, you will need to learn a few basic words to make yourself understood. Of course, to communicate, you can also use a mobile application to greatly simplify your life.

Note that it is also worth booking guided tours in French in advance with specialized local travel agencies, this way you can fully enjoy Japanese culture and history.


Prepare your list of memories

It would be a shame to go to a place as exotic and different as Japan without bringing back some souvenirs. Japanese culture has a lot to offer, whether for you, your family, or your friends, you will always find a souvenir to bring back in your suitcases.

Even if you are limited by the capacity of your luggage, you will still be able to find small typically Japanese objects, such as a traditional teapot or jewelry.

Airport transfer to Tokyo

As mentioned previously, the airports in Tokyo are not necessarily very close to the city. Haneda, the closest is located 18 km from the city, so you will only have to wait 30 minutes to discover the modern city of Tokyo and its trendy neighborhoods.

On the other hand, for Narita airport, it takes 67 km to reach Tokyo. The journey therefore takes around 1h15 and you will have several options. The most affordable solution is the Keisei bus for a cost of around €8 and a slightly longer journey, i.e. 1h30. If you want to reach the Japanese capital as quickly as possible, you can opt for a “Narita Express” train for a journey of less than an hour, the cost is however a little higher, you will have to count on around €25 .