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Japan is a wonderful country, which nevertheless remains little known to Europeans. Immerse yourself in the world of the Japanese country to offer yourself a little escape and horizons . You will come away grown, without having to move from your screen!

The capital: Tokyo

First of all, you should know that the capital of Japan is one of the largest megacities in the world. With several million inhabitants, the city is the most representative of the culture of this Asian country. It has developed very quickly in recent years with numerous skyscrapers emerging from its business district.

There are many things to do in Tokyo and you will never get bored if you decide to settle in this city for the short or long term. The restaurants are massively present there and will allow you to discover without detour the formidable flavors of Asian gastronomy. The latter consists of delicious and simple dishes made from natural foods. They will undoubtedly have benefits for your body. You eat well and not too expensive. Indeed, in addition to being good for your health, Asian gastronomy also offers recipes at unbeatable prices.

Added to this are also gigantic shopping centers, at the cutting edge of modernity. You will obviously find the stores of the most popular brands in Europe there, but not only that. There are also Japanese brands that will definitely transport you and change your scenery. These shopping centers are real living spaces for people in the Japanese capital. It sometimes takes you more than an hour if you want to tour it completely.


Remarkable corners of nature

At the same time as its rapid development, the city of Tokyo retains some magnificent green areas. How can we not mention its famous colorful trees which shine all year round and which give them the most beautiful Instagram photos we can come across. If you are there, it's an excellent idea to go for a romantic stroll, for example.

Japan: a relatively powerful country

This trend confirms that Japan is a rising country with one of the strongest GDPs in the world. The economic dynamism of the country of the rising sun is explained in particular by a cutting-edge technological industry. The country is the fastest growing country in the world, particularly in the field of robotics.

The country shines internationally and is experiencing fantastic growth in the field of trade. The products that the country markets with those of its Chinese neighbor supply all the countries of Europe. The latter are not only attracted by the quality of the products but also, let's be honest, by their unbeatable price.

Japan is finally very popular with its culture strongly marked by mangas or other anime of this style. The country has been able to export this aspect of its identity to reach European populations and even be exported to the United States.