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Japanese cherry trees, also called sakura , are trees known throughout the world and have been growing for several years on all continents of our planet. In a few years, their popularity has become so great that Europeans are starting to create Zen gardens or even wellness corners in their gardens by growing Japanese cherry trees.

Let's see through this article, the X reasons why sakura has become so popular.

The beauty of the Japanese cherry tree

The first reason for the popularity of the Japanese cherry tree is quite simply its aesthetics and beauty. Unlike most trees, the sakura flowers very abundantly and no longer has its green leaves during flowering. There are several species of Japanese cherry trees and their flowers are always in more or less light pink tones, up to white.

From the end of winter, these cherry trees begin to have flowers and very quickly the tree will bear thousands of flowers to become completely pink. This is why it is very often used as an ornamental tree and not necessarily as a fruit tree, although cherries can be harvested in spring.


Their beauty is so popular that we see more and more of them in gardens and on the balconies of city dwellers' apartments. Some people simply prefer to buy a painting with a Japanese cherry tree to add to their interior decoration rather than growing a real one.

The owners of Japanese cherry trees rarely have just one, they often prefer to plant several in order to have an even more beautiful spectacle when the flower season comes.

The calm and zenitude of the sakura

The sakura is a magnificent tree that is popular for its beauty, but it is also a tree that inspires calm and zenitude.

Japan is a country where the culture takes enormous account of inner well-being and its continuous improvement. And this requires having a healthy environment in which it is possible to find calm and inner peace.

Once this calm environment is achieved, it is then possible to concentrate or even meditate in order to improve. The Japanese spend a quiet period of time every day, with themselves, in order to recharge their batteries internally.

To create an environment conducive to calm, it must be composed of soothing, natural and visually beautiful images. Planting Japanese cherry trees then takes on its full meaning because this tree meets all the conditions for making a Japanese garden, calm and relaxing where you feel good, like the gardens found in Tokyo .

Its ease of maintenance

Not everyone has a green thumb and therefore cannot easily maintain a garden or even a tree, whether due to lack of experience or time.


And this is also why sakura has become popular. It is a beautiful tree that you can put in a garden to let it grow and reach large sizes, but it is also a tree that you can leave in a pot to put it on your terrace, in a indoor zen corner or even on a small balcony.

It requires no maintenance, and does not require watering if left outdoors. It can be pruned if you want to keep it small, but as it does not grow quickly, a small pruning every 2 years will be more than enough.

It is also a tree that resists the cold very well and can therefore be tested outside during the cold winter.

Japanese cherry trees therefore have many advantages: they are beautiful and exotic, have a long flowering period, allow you to create zen and calm corners to relieve the stress of everyday life and are easy to maintain. Europeans have understood this well and it is for these reasons that sakura has become so popular and that we can see more and more of it here. Finally, we notice that cherry trees are more and more present in our everyday accessories because they bring a calm and relaxing atmosphere. We therefore find them in notebooks but also on phone cases or computers in the form of stickers like this Japanese cherry tree computer sticker .