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1. Practice with regularity

Plan your sessions in advance. Set a realistic timeline that you can stick to. Start with one or two classes per week and work your way up from there. The goal is to improve the regularity of your sessions so that you participate each time, while being in the happy medium between “too many sessions” and “not enough” and that this fits with your schedule, your professional needs.

2. Find yoga teachers and clubs you like

Using Google Maps to identify the clubs around you, take the time to visit many clubs, you should not stop at just one where you do not feel perfectly comfortable, as this will negatively impact your sessions and on your perception of yoga in general. Try different types of classes and learn from different professors. This can make a huge difference to your motivation and learning from your sessions. You'll know when you've found the right ones.

3. Be aware of how yoga affects your daily life

Notice your posture, your positive attitude, your reactions to those around you and your awareness of your breathing under stress: these are all benefits of a healthy yoga practice. The different relaxation sessions offered by yoga make it possible to improve all of these elements in the long term. Enjoy them.

4. Spend 10 minutes a day on your home practice

You can divide the practices between morning and evening, or choose the one that suits you best. Find the perfect time in your day to give yourself 10 minutes of extra relaxation and relaxation (often in the morning). Try some sun salutations and a short meditation. Practicing at home, in addition to practicing in a club, allows you to improve the execution of different exercises and prevents you from losing motivation when you finish a session in a club.


5. Make friends at yoga

Say hello and introduce yourself to other practitioners. Make friends, encourage each other and share your experiences. In addition to the motivation of practicing yoga, you will also be motivated by the beneficial social contribution of these sessions.  In addition to discovering new friends, this will allow you to discuss yoga exercises.

6. Breathe

Understand the importance of your breathing during your practice. It is the key to the connection between mind, body and soul. Learn to use your breathing on and off the mat. Don’t hesitate to focus on your breathing at different times of the day, and it can be anytime: on public transport, during a break at work…

7. Don't give up

Never give up on yourself or your practice. The benefits of yoga are endless - be patient and work for them. We can say to ourselves that we don't see any benefits after a few sessions, other than aches and pains, but the benefits of yoga are profound and are achieved in the long term, for a more serene life.


8. Immerse yourself

Watch videos, go to new studios, find free community classes, read articles, share stories, hang out with other exercisers, and practice as much as possible. For better immersion, build a wardrobe of leggings and tops that you dedicate to yoga. To choose a good yoga top, you have some great ones on Etsy ; and to choose great leggings for yoga, we recommend those from Legging Bay . This will allow you, when you put on your leggings and your top of the day, to put your mind into “relaxation & relaxation” mode.

9. Don't be too hard on yourself

Yoga is not easy. Hard work pays off. Remember why you are doing yoga. Remember its benefits. Learn to live with self-love, recognition and self-esteem. If you're too hard on yourself, you might lose sight of the core values ​​of yoga. The practice of yoga must always be done by mixing sport and emotion, but never competition or selfishness.

10. Always have fun

Yoga should always be fun. Love your practice. Have fun, focus on positive feelings! It is by promoting positivity that you will maximize the benefits on the body and mind that the deep relaxation of yoga brings.


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