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Unlike us in the West who have always been used to wearing jewelry, whether rings, necklaces or earrings, in Japan the arrival of jewelry in fashion is something much more recent. They became popular with the meteoric growth experienced by Japanese streetwear in the 1990s and it was at this time that many rings and pendants inspired by Japanese culture and its mythology saw the light of day. However, among all these Japanese jewelry it is sometimes difficult to find your way and that is why today we invite you to review the ten most trendy Japanese jewelry of the moment.

1. Japanese koi carp ring

We therefore begin this top 10 which is in reality not a ranking but a simple list of Japanese jewelry intended to inspire you for your own style with the Japanese koi carp ring. A very famous and emblematic animal of Japanese culture, the koi carp symbolizes perseverance in comparison to its ability to go up the river. It is also this fish that inspired the creation of the Pokémon Magikarp and Gyarados.

This Japanese koi carp ring is therefore an elegant piece of jewelry intended mainly for those who wish to openly assert their taste for Japanese culture. Very versatile, its monochrome color will allow you to wear it very easily with many clothes without it clashing with them.


2. Japanese Hannya pendant

Very showy with its gold color, this Japanese hannya pendant also exists in black and silver for those who would like to wear it with more discretion.

This necklace is therefore a direct reference to the demon Hannya who is one of the most popular folkloric creatures in Japanese culture. This demon, which originally represented the ghost of a young woman, is one of the most famous creatures in popular culture because its mask is often used in plays, in fiction or even as a tattoo.

With its features and details worked in depth, this hannya necklace is therefore endowed with a fairly high degree of realism which well represents the characteristic elements of this demon with its horns and its sharp teeth.


3. Japanese lion ring

Wear this Japanese lion ring to charismatically assert your style inspired straight from Tokyo, the second streetwear capital in the world. With its mocking smile and its hair which has a characteristic swirl shape, this Japanese dog is a direct reference to the komainus. If you have already visited a Shinto shrine in Japan, it is likely that you have already seen them since they are represented at the entrance in pairs on statues.

This silver ring is therefore very characteristic of Japanese culture and this powerful protective symbol which dates from the Edo period (1603-1868), the era of the samurai.


4. Japanese dragon watch

This Japanese dragon watch comes straight from the Dragonys website, a store specializing in dragon-based items. More than just giving you the time, this watch with the image of Japanese dragons will above all give you a very elegant Asian style.

Available in several bracelets to satisfy all tastes, it goes very well with a classic or casual clothing style. Indeed, the fact that the dragon design is not too pronounced allows it to be a discreet little touch to express one's tastes in Japanese style without it being too excessive and intrusive.


5. Japanese Demon Ring

Available in steel and silver depending on your preferences and means, this Japanese demon ring is clearly a style statement towards Japanese culture. With its face cut in two which represents on the left part a Hannya demon and on the right part a Japanese mask, this ring allows you to elegantly accessorize your style and personalize it according to your own tastes.

However, be careful not to overdo it so as not to overload your hands. If you want to wear another ring in addition to the one already on your finger, it would be better to opt for more discreet rings such as this Japanese carp ring .


6. Japanese koi carp pendant

For those who are not necessarily very comfortable with rings or who would simply like to add more detail to their style, this Japanese koi carp pendant is a very elegant accessory which will undoubtedly please all fans of high Japanese style. of range.

Indeed, with its silver structure and its two-tone color in gold and silver, this pendant has enough to be classified as luxury jewelry. As for the choice of the chain, it's up to you to choose something in accordance with your wardrobe, but given that it is already a piece with a lot of details it is recommended to go for a simple choice so as not to do not overload the collar.


7. Japanese dragon head ring

Intended for all fans of Japanese mythology, this Japanese dragon head ring in solid silver is a very beautiful representation of these legendary creatures. Dragons were originally considered the protectors of the oceans.

With its imposing head decorated with red eyes and scales, it is indeed very realistic. It goes well with all types of informal, slightly casual clothing and allows you to accessorize your clothing style.


8. Japanese Devil Buddha Ring

At the crossroads of worlds between good and evil, this Japanese devil Buddha ring in stainless steel is a rather special piece of jewelry. Indeed, unlike other jewelry, this ring seems to interpret a real situation where we witness the arrival of Buddha who tears in two the evil incarnated by the devil present on the left and right part of the ring. The ideal object to remind yourself that good always triumphs in the end.


9. Japanese komainu ring

As seen previously during the presentation of the Japanese lion ring, the komainu represented on this Japanese komainu ring is a kind of dog found in pairs on statues at the entrance to Shinto shrines. They are present as protection for these sacred places and appeared during the Edo period (1603-1868).

This ring is therefore an ideal accessory if you want to stand out by adopting a Japanese style while maintaining a discreet and elegant side. But in the same way as with the demon ring, it would be better not to overdo it and wear several at the risk of overloading your hands. Instead, choose more discreet rings if you want to wear several on your fingers since this one is already quite flashy.


10. Japanese koi pendant

If you want to carry with you every day a small elegant detail linked to Japanese culture without it being too flashy, this Japanese koi pendant is certainly the jewelry that you will like the most.

Very discreet due to its designs inlaid on the surface of the pendant, it also allows you to slip a small note or a very small object because it has the advantage of being unscrewable. You will therefore have no trouble matching it with a shirt or t-shorts because its silver color goes very well with all colors and textures.



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