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Meditation is something very anchored in Japanese culture since it emerged almost a millennium ago on the Japanese archipelago following the democratization of the Buddhist religion in Japan. There have existed and still exist today several kinds of meditation which were implemented by different masters. Most of them borrowed these types of meditative practices from China following a trip to their temples. However, meditation developed to such an extent in Japan during the feudal period that it was gradually introduced into customs and became something common for both monks and samurai warriors.

Today, like many practices in Japan, meditation is something that has been preserved on the archipelago of the Land of the Rising Sun but which has also become popular in our Western countries. Meditation is indeed becoming more and more popular as more people become aware of its benefits and what it can bring to us personally. However, it is unfortunately something that is still quite poorly understood due to its association with Buddhist rites where we imagine monks cross-legged or squatting praying among numerous sticks of incense. You must suspect this, but all of this is obviously false beliefs since meditation has no religious character in its deep nature. But before getting into the heart of this article and giving you some ideas for places to start meditation, we would like to quickly remind you of what meditation really is.

What is meditation ?


Meditating is above all becoming fully aware of the present moment with the aim of gradually making the difference between being present and not being present. Indeed, without realizing it we have actually learned to operate on automatic pilot for the vast majority of the tasks we do. Most of the time we are lost in our thoughts and our brain guides our body without us analyzing all the sensations and each of its movements. It is indeed something positive without which we would be in a lot of trouble. However, it is interesting to learn to regain control from time to time and not get lost in the past or the future in order to accept and appreciate the present moment.

For example, when we eat we have lost the habit of focusing fully on the taste and flavors that we can get from our meal or food. Instead we usually eat just to nourish ourselves and talk to our table neighbor or are lost in thought at the same time. But learning to stop letting our primitive thoughts guide us and regain control for a moment is a most enriching experience that has many benefits. Among these we find, for example, an increase in concentration and attention and therefore indirectly in productivity, but also a reduction in stress and anxiety. If you want to start on your own, with friends or even accompanied by a professional, we suggest you take a tour of the places where you can start meditation.

Meditate at home

The place in which we like to meditate is generally unique to each person, however, when we begin meditation the house is certainly the simplest place where it is easy for us to find a quiet room in which we can isolate ourselves. a few minutes. But before giving you some ideas we would just like to emphasize the equipment that you will use to meditate. Whether it is the zafu cushion that we will mention just after or your outfit, we recommend that you do not neglect it and that is why we recommend that you bring loose clothing in which you will be comfortable . It can be jogging pants or shorts with a simple t-shirt but also leggings for girls. If you don't yet have any, we recommend YLS® yoga leggings which are available at very reasonable prices. With that, here are the places where you can meditate at home.

In your your room


The bedroom being the default place of rest, most of the time it is a quiet room that belongs to you and where you will feel comfortable. This is why it will be a very good place to start because as we will see you will find several possibilities for meditating according to your personal preferences.

On the bed

If you do not have any equipment, that is to say at least a zafu meditation cushion, the bed certainly remains the most favorable and appropriate place for meditating. It will be comfortable and you will have two options. Either you can lean against the wall by putting your cushion behind your back so as not to rest your back on the wall. Or you can sit cross-legged without resting your back, but be careful to keep your spine straight during your meditation and not to fall forward.

On a cushion

Even if you do not have a cushion specifically for meditation (zafu), you will always have the possibility of using a classic cushion for meditation such as you might have for sleeping or on your sofa. This has the advantage of being slightly more comfortable than the bed but above all more stable. It is indeed important to be well grounded when meditating so that you can concentrate on the present moment and not spend your time rebalancing.


On a meditation mat

Although this solution is not the most common, in the event that the bed does not suit you and you have difficulty finding balance on a cushion, you will always be able to use a mat, either meditation or sport to meditate. This option nevertheless has the advantage of pushing you slightly more off balance than sitting on a cushion, so if you already have a little experience in meditation you can always practice on a mat to put yourself to the test. .

In a room dedicated to meditation

If you're just starting out it's unlikely that you'll dedicate a room to meditate, but in the long run it's something that can prove more than beneficial. The setting and environment, as much as the material, that you devote to your meditative practice is indeed essential in order to successfully concentrate fully on the present moment. This is also why Buddhist monks used to put incense around them to purify the air. Naturally you don't have to copy this but managing to create a zen and calming atmosphere with candles or relaxing colors can be really nice if you are starting to get a taste for meditation.

In your garden


It is not very natural to turn towards the garden when looking for a place to meditate, but it is nevertheless a very good choice which will delight many. Of course, if the weather turns out to be good and you have at least a small outdoor space, it is interesting to indulge in this experience and let yourself be lulled by the ambient sounds as well as that of the wind. Since meditation is intended to focus on the present moment, it will be easier for you to concentrate on smells, noises and sensations outside because there will be many more things to analyze than inside a house. where your thoughts will quickly clutter your mind.

On a chair

If you don't want to put your cushion or rug outside, you can always replace it with a simple chair which will also do the job very well. Try to take a chair with a back first in order to keep your back straight, then secondly you can move to a stool if you wish.

On the floor

If you meditate to refocus on yourself and appreciate the nature around you, you can always try meditating while lying directly on the ground. Although it is not very comfortable, it will have the advantage of placing you and connecting you closer to nature.

Meditate in a dedicated establishment


If you have the means and the possibility, it may be interesting to go to a place that is unfamiliar to you because you will be able to fully concentrate on your meditation. In the same way that it is recommended to work in a dedicated room and not in your bedroom, this principle also applies to meditation and that is why we mentioned a little earlier that a dedicated room only to meditation was a good idea.

Personal support

If you have the means, it is obvious that taking personal lessons with someone who will be able to guide you in your approach will be the best way to put you on the right path to meditation. Likewise, do not hesitate to purchase paid applications if you can afford them, such as Petit Bambou which is certainly the most popular at the moment. Although the free part will already give you access to a first course which will help you get started with meditation, if you have the possibility of unlocking the rest of the guided meditations this will make your task much easier compared to a solitary practice.

Collective support

Certainly the best between budget and personal investment, collective support is ideal for several reasons. Firstly, you have the opportunity to go there with loved ones, which will make it easier to take the first step into the world of meditation and you will be able to motivate each other to stay diligent in the sessions. Secondly, the main advantage remains the fact of being guided by a professional who will be able to tell you what to do with his path and make you do practical exercises. Lately, making the effort to go to a dedicated place will allow you to invest more than if you had simply made the effort to go to your bed or take out a cushion.

Free access

Last solution if you ever do not feel or cannot meditate at home and you absolutely want to meditate in a quiet place far from all noise and in peace. You can always go to a freely accessible room to take some time for yourself and try meditation. However, it will be easier for you to go there in a small group for reasons of motivation and budget.

Meditate in nature


If you are looking for mindful meditation as close as possible to nature and the garden you have, or not, is not enough for you, it may be interesting to try to meditate in the middle of nature. There is no question of repeating this all the time and for each of your sessions but once in a while it can be a good experience if you have the opportunity to go to a quiet place away from the crowd. crowd. Here are two examples.

In a park

This option is certainly the one that will be possible for most people if you want to take advantage of the ambient air to meditate. In almost every city there is a park in which you can find benches or at least chairs to sit. If there are too many people, don't hesitate to go early in the morning or late in the evening so that you find yourself alone and can fully enjoy the present moment and take advantage of all the natural elements around you. namely the scent of flowers and trees but also the light breeze of the wind.

At the seaside


If you are lucky enough to live not far from the Ocean, don't deprive yourself of going and experiencing meditation by the sea. Don't even bother to bring your headphones to listen to music gentle this time. Only the sound of the water hitting the rocks or the foam washing up on the beach accompanied by the cries of the seagulls as well as the whistling of the wind will be enough to channel your attention and make you appreciate the present moment.


To conclude, we cannot say that there is one place better than another to meditate. The place you choose will depend on many factors such as your equipment, your geographical location but also your financial means because not everyone can afford to take personalized lessons. So take your personal preferences into account after trying them in terms of location, install the Petit Bambou application to introduce yourself to meditation and only you will be able to judge if it is a practice made for you and that you should continue to do so. practice.


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