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Japanese women are certainly the most beautiful women in the world, especially for men who already fall for Asian women. For many of them, it is the ideal combination of innocence and sexual magnetism.

In this article, we will present to you the characteristics of Japanese women, the particularities of dating in Japan, as well as our advice for seducing a Japanese woman.

What are Japanese women like?

The women of Japan are renowned for their beauty, sophistication and elegance. They pay special attention to their appearance and are very fashion conscious. They can wear a 50s polka dot dress just like they could wear a traditional kimono. By Western standards, Japanese women are thin, petite and thin. They also have the most beautiful skin of all Asian women.

Their skin is clear and soft to the touch. They also have far fewer skin blemishes and acne than their other Asian cousins ​​like Vietnamese women. Their long, dark, straight hair is one of their most attractive features.

Japanese women really like to look young. They often wear mini skirts, even during the cold winter months. Despite their childish dispositions, Japanese girls are very sexual. Their culture is based on strong contrasts between innocence and unbridled sexuality.

Their personalities can be characterized as bubbly, friendly and shy. Despite their physical sophistication, Japanese women can be immature. Their naivety is both endearing and sometimes annoying. If you want to know more, don't hesitate to consult a family blog specializing in Japanese couples.


What do Japanese women look for in a man?

Most are looking for a financially established man who is confident and expresses what he wants directly. Although not all Japanese women are necessarily looking for foreigners, many have a natural preference and curiosity for Western men. Some will want to have sexual and romantic relationships with strangers, especially white men.

Japanese women also expect their men to dress well and prioritize their cleanliness. Japanese women prefer to shower before and after sex. This is another example of the importance of hygiene for Japanese women.

A great sign that a Japanese woman likes you is if she kisses you in public. This display of affection is not always common, although it does occur in nightclubs. Kissing Japanese women, in general, is usually a strong indicator that she is interested in having sex.

In foreign men, they especially look for them to be more affectionate, passionate and caring than Japanese men. While Japanese women admire the differences between Western men, they also want foreigners to respect their culture. Japanese women are proud of their heritage and ancestral culture. Learning Japanese goes a long way in attracting Japanese women .


Japanese Women – How Should You Act Around Them?

The following points should be taken into consideration:

  • Be a leader: Always direct interactions and make decisions. Many Japanese women actually directly state that they want men to take control. This should include choosing venues for dates, ordering meals and paying the bill;
  • Due Diligence: Cities like Tokyo can be tricky to navigate. Be sure to plan your dates accordingly and anticipate potential obstacles. Also note that most Japanese women live with their families. Make sure you have adequate logistics, preferably an apartment without roommates
  • Learn about fashion: Japanese women are very fashion conscious. They pay particular attention to current trends. At a minimum, wear stylish, fitted clothes. Make sure your clothes are ironed and clean. Nothing turns off a Japanese girl like a man dressed inappropriately or wearing dirty clothes.


Obstacles to dating a Japanese woman

Not all women in Japan necessarily want to date foreigners. Japan is a very homogeneous country. Lacse statistics show that only 2% of Japanese people marry outside their ethnicity.

It is actually statistically rare for women to marry outside of their culture. There are several reasons for this:

  • Low level of English: Very few Japanese women are fluent in English. In fact, even young Japanese women have poor command of the English/French language. We estimate that only about 30% of women in their 20s speak English well enough to carry on a normal conversation.
  • Social Stigma: In some cases, many Japanese girls will be teased for dating men outside of their culture.
  • Family disapproval: Her parents may not approve of her dating a stranger. Most Japanese parents want their children to marry within their culture.
  • Economic stigma: Many foreign men work as teachers of their native language. Although teachers are generally respected, their salaries are often not enough to raise a family.
  • Short-term stay: Most foreigners stay for a short period. Unless you have a long-term employment contract and know the language, Japanese women will assume that you will leave Japan shortly.

What are the best ways to meet Japanese women?

Japan has long been the epicenter of technological innovation. Therefore, it is not surprising that internet dating is very popular. The best dating site to meet Japanese women is Japan Cupid. The reason we highly recommend this site is because most women are looking for foreign men. As a foreigner, you are already pre-screened on Japan Cupid.

Nightlife is definitely the quickest way to seduce Japanese women. Many Japanese women like to go to luxury clubs to drink and dance the night away. Tokyo has been the undisputed queen of Asian nightlife for many years.


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