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It is important to live in serenity and comfort. You can't find these moments outside, you can only enjoy them at home. In Japan, calm and harmony are a way of life. Compared to other styles of decoration, we have the impression that the Japanese live in extremism. They are masters in this field. The idea comes solely from the fact that your home should be a haven of peace, a place where you can enjoy absolute serenity. Hence the importance of decoration among the Japanese. The latter are inspired by their culture to give refinement to their house.

What is Japanese decoration like?

Even being a highly developed country, the Japanese like to live in simplicity, everything focuses on a minimalist and natural aspect. As a result, they bring nature into your home in the form of decoration, such as bamboo or ikebana arrangements for example. If you look closely at Japanese decoration, you will notice that there are always plant installations everywhere in every corner of the house. Each decorative illustration is based on respect for nature. Their creativity is very original unlike Western design.

We can also see that in large Japanese cities, the combination of light is seen as an art. Currently, with LED light everything becomes even more revolutionary. They make good use of this technology by giving an excellent overview of their creation. You can always immerse yourself in Japanese know-how by carrying out research and having more information on their way of doing things. To be at peace with the daily rhythm of life, the Japanese take advantage of the present moment, it is a way of life that wards off fear of tomorrow. And thanks to this way of seeing things, they rely on nature's lifestyle, hence the decorative arts that they perpetuate.

Some ideas for creating Japanese decoration

First of all, you should know that the Japanese like to live with what is essential, that is to say that cluttering themselves with useless things is not their habit. If we look at the bedrooms, they adopt a minimalist decorative character. Only the most essential furniture is there, such as the bed. You can also see that decorative objects or furniture locations are distributed asymmetrically. This style reflects the creative idea of ​​the Japanese which is typical of this country.

According to the Japanese, the body finds more comfort with a bed without the model. The bed is in the form of tatami, immediately spread out on the ground which allows great relaxation for the muscles. We also note that the tables are very low which does not require the use of a chair. They use Japanese cushions called zabutons to sit on. With this lifestyle, all Japanese decoration can be done in any room. Decorative objects do not need a specific location to be highlighted.


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