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Japanese decoration is something unique and very special. It is characterized by several points which are translated in the form of components but also of values ​​as we will see later. In recent years we can only see that it is becoming more popular in the West and that it is influencing us in the way we arrange the interior of our homes. For good reason, it has many virtues such as providing a real calm atmosphere which allows you to rest and recharge your batteries more easily. Speaking of resting, this is precisely what we are going to talk about today in order to approach, as the title indicates, the Japanese bedroom. Short subject due to the simplicity of its composition but at the same time so vast due to its cultural dimension and its architectural outcome which encourages better quality rest. Without further ado, let's start by recalling the importance of sleeping well before seeing how the Japanese go about promoting their sleep period as much as possible.

Why is the quality of our sleep essential?

It is common knowledge that sleeping is essential for good health and the reasons are simple. It is vital for us to rest in order to reduce our organic activity to its lowest level and thus be able to recharge our batteries in order to have energy for the following day. However, it is actually not so easy to stick to a regular sleep cycle in our modern society between regular outings and student life or family life for some.

This is why it is more necessary to put all the chances on our side to allow ourselves to rest properly during the hours we are in bed. For this it goes without saying that good quality bedding coupled with equally high quality duvet covers that you will find for example from the specialist on the subject Housse 2 Couette will allow you to sleep better. But the Japanese have their own sleeping customs which results in a very minimalist decorative style that we will analyze without further ado.

duvet covers

Very minimalist decoration

In order to fall asleep in the best conditions, have a calm sleep and recharge your batteries once you fall into the arms of Morpheus, it is important to have an empty head in order to fall asleep with peace of mind. The Japanese have understood this well and that is why the first difference between our Western rooms and Japanese rooms is storage.

Zero tolerance for mess

Having clutter lying around clutters the mind, whether consciously or unconsciously, and this does not allow us to clear our minds properly and fall asleep in the best possible conditions. Therefore, the first thing to do if you want to adopt Japanese decor in your bedroom is to tidy up all the bits and pieces that are lying around and remove them or find a place for them. Indeed, each item of clothing has its place in a piece of furniture in a Japanese house which allows, in addition to purifying the furniture and clearing the mind, to save time when looking for something.

Clean and natural furniture

Secondly, if you want to take the arrangement of your bedroom further in order to achieve an even greater level of calm during the night. You will need to purchase, unless you already have some, refined furniture and if possible with natural materials such as wood. Even if it does not have a direct influence on sleep, minimizing decorations, ornaments or all the unnecessary details of your furniture will help clear your mind and therefore help you fall asleep more easily.


Adopt a futon

If you attach great importance to the quality of your sleep, which should ideally be the case, but above all you wish to adopt a very minimalist decoration reflecting Japanese Zen culture, the futon will be an essential . You probably know if you have ever seen a Japanese bedroom that there they do not sleep on beds but on futons placed on the floor such as in the photo above. This allows the decoration to be further refined by minimizing the furniture. Finally, those who have experienced it testify that it is very pleasant to sleep there and that their sleep was very peaceful during their night on a Japanese futon.

Install natural lights

Unlike very powerful lights which are, it must be admitted, useful in certain cases such as for example in a large room in order to fully illuminate it from a single light source, lights in relaxing colors nevertheless have advantages which very hot lights do not have. For this we were talking about LED lights in a previous article which allow us to combine the relaxing side of soft lights in accordance with the Japanese decorative style while bringing a touch of modernity.

Choose calm colors

Whether it is your walls or your floors, the color will have a major influence on the general atmosphere that will emerge from your bedroom. Colors indeed have real psychological effects, red is for example known to be considered a color of power and pink as a euphoric color. Likewise, simple and relaxing colors like white or even mauve if you want a little originality will do the trick very well for a calm atmosphere. In Japan, these colors are often found in bedrooms and it is no coincidence.


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